The material Corian ®, invented and produced byDuPont, is a solid surface offering superior design possibilities and long-termperformance for its users. This material is used in the private, commercial aswell as public sector, ranging from hotels, shopping centres, marine ports,ships, or healthcare. With its balance of beauty and durability, Corian ® isperfectly suited to innovative and imaginative architectural creations as wellas long-lasting applications. Whatever you can imagine can probably be createdusing Corian ®. Available in over 100 colours, Corian ® can be cut and carved,routed and worked like wood, moulded, thermoformed and inlaid with othermaterials…the design and creation possibilities are virtually limitless. Beinghomogeneous and without any conspicuous seams, Corian ® can be used to createlarge architectural structures. Corian® works very well with other materials,such as glazed tiling, floor tiling, stainless steel, wood, granite and glass. Itis also suitable for vertical applications as well as horizontal surfaces. Itallows making furniture as well as lighting structures. The list of itspossible applications is constantly being extended and evolving.